SMART Recovery Program

SMART Recovery stands for self management and recovery training. This program consists of providing participants with tools to assist them with combating their irrational thoughts and replacing them with more rational thoughts.

This program focuses on four main areas, the first being that of enhancing and maintaining motivation to abstain from addictive behaviors. The second is teaching participants to cope with their urges and cravings, and then the program moves to teaching ways to manage one’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Lastly the program helps those participating to learn how to balance short term and long term pleasures and satisfactions in their life.

This program encourages people to continue coming to meetings, even if they lapse or relapse, so that they can continue to learn how to deal with the hassles of every day life without thinking they need to return to using. This is an open atmosphere for those who need to talk about what is happening and how to live through it without the use of drugs.