Therapeutic Mentoring program

This program offers strengths-based support services to youth on a structured, one-to-one, relationship-oriented basis between the youth and a mentor. Therapeutic mentoring addresses the youth’s daily living, social, behavioral and academic needs. Under the supervision of a licensed clinician, an individualized therapeutic mentoring service plan is developed collaboratively with the youth and his or her therapeutic mentor. Parents and legal guardians are included and encouraged to provide input whenever possible. Specific goals and objectives are identified and reviewed on a weekly basis, and the youth’s progress towards these goals is documented regularly. The therapeutic mentor provides support services in various settings such as the home, school, on-site, and in the community.

Our therapeutic mentoring services meet SAMHSA requirements and include:

  • Helping the youth to identify important keys to success and how to achieve them by setting future goals with achievable action steps

  • Supporting the youth in making healthy choices and decisions

  • Improving self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence

  • Improving inter- and intra-personal coping skills such as problem solving, conflict resolution, anger and self-management and stress management skills

  • Academic tutoring that focuses on effective study skills, completion of homework assignments and maximizing one’s potential

  • Addressing issues of school truancy, delinquent behaviors, gang involvement and other negative behaviors

  • Exposure to positive, prosocial and fun leisure activities  

  • Involvement in community service activities when possible

Therapeutic mentors are encouraged to meet with their mentees at least twice weekly and are provided ongoing training, feedback and supervision.  Consistent with our wrap-around services approach, youth who have this type of support begin to realize their unlimited potential and demonstrate a much greater likelihood of success in achieving their goals.