Our well-trained staff are committed to doing everything they can to ensure that your loved one receives the best possible care and support in order to achieve and maintain long term recovery. UP Foundation counselors are here to provide individual, group, and family counseling to participants and their families for all of their substance use and mental health needs. Counselors, Certified Peer Recovery Specialists (CPRS), and therapeutic mentors collaborate with participants to create individualized treatment plans. In this way, participants have the opportunity to assume an active role in their own recovery. Depending upon the specific need, one or more of the following services are provided:

Individual Counseling

  • Individualized treatment plans

  • Motivational Interviewing Techniques

  • Drug Resistance/Problem Solving Skills

  • Interpersonal Communication Skills

  • Trauma and Mental Health Care

Group Counseling

  • Peer-to-Peer Support

  • Substance Use Education

  • Psycho-education

  • Life skills training

  • Interpersonal/Relationship Development

  • SMART Recovery & Wellness Recovery Action Plans (WRAP)

Family Counseling

  • Parent-Child Communication

  • Family Roles in Addiction

  • Family Support

  • In-home Services (as necessary)