Therapeutic Recreational activities

Here at the UP Foundation, we believe that recovery should be exciting. Therefore, we work hard to promote a lively and fun environment that is welcoming, nonjudgmental, and personable. Many young people struggle to abstain from drugs and alcohol because they believe that a life without substance use would be boring. To combat this issue, we offer a wide variety of clean and sober, therapeutic, recreational activities that allow our participants to experience having fun without being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Escape Rooms

  • Bowling

  • Recovery Conventions

  • Dinner & Movie Nights

  • Wilderness Walks

  • Celebrity Speaker Events

  • Game Nights

  • Pool Parties

Involvement in these activities creates a sense of belonging and community among our participants.  By experiencing fun, sober activities with their peers, our participants learn that life without drugs and alcohol can be both productive and enjoyable.