The UP Foundation believes that recovery should be exciting. Early on, we discovered that many of young people struggled to abstain from drugs and alcohol because they believed that a life without substance use would be boring. To combat this issue, we began engaging in group recreational activities such as, but not limited to, the following:

  • Escape Rooms

  • Bowling

  • Recovery Conventions

  • Dinner & Movie Nights

  • Wilderness Walks

  • Celebrity Speaker Events

  • Game Nights

  • Pool Parties

These events help build moral in our participants, and demonstrate to them that a life without drugs and alcohol can be both productive and adventurous.

We also believe that our facility should have a lively and fun atmosphere. To be able to create this tone for our participants we have pizza and drinks on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons to go along with our group programs, which encourages group fun this is not specifically recovery oriented, but is in a clean and sober atmosphere.

Learning to have fun in recovery is hard, but we are able to provide a safe zone for our younger generation to ensure that they can do both, have fun and continue to stay clean and sober.